Frequently Asked Questions

What is Give Raffle

Give Raffle is an online Raffle operated under License from the Lagos State Lottery Board. GIVE RAFFLE is a raffle game where players stand a chance to win a brand new car at the monthly grand draw with just N500 and daily items like mobile phones, laptops, fridge, fan, microwave etc with just a token of N200. Go to www.giveraffle.com to play or visit any of our agents all over Lagos.

Who can buy the Give Raffle ticket?

Anybody 18 years and above.

What is a Round draw?

A round is a draw for the daily winnings of various house hold items only at a price of N200 per ticket.

What is a Season draw?

A season is the draw for the grand prize of a car and it is drawn at the end of the month at a token price of N500 per ticket, this automatically qualifies you for daily draws as a double target draw.

What happens when I buy the season ticket and I win in a daily draw, Can I still win the grand price?

Yes you can win the grand price as your ticket is automatically slotted for two draws which is for season and round.

How can I get my winnings?

We would always contact you via sms to confirm winnings to all winners and you can call our customer care line on how to pick up your winnings.

What can I win with Give Raffle?

You can win house hold items like Television, Fridge, washing machine, Laptops, Air conditioners, e.t.c and a grand prize of a car at the end of the monthly draw.

Where can you buy Give Raffle tickets?

You can buy our tickets via web (www.giveraffle.com), GTB mobile app and through certified agents around you.

After the draw, can i redeem my prize?

Prizes are redeemable within 7 days of the draw.

How do I register?

For registration please visit https://giveraffle.com/signup

What are the accepted payment processors?

Our major payment processor is Paystack and GT Mobile App

How do I recover my password?

Please on the link below to reset your password www.giveraffle.com/password/reset